Surgery is one Of the most important aspects of cancer treatment. Excellence in Cancer surgery can be achieved by knowing about tumor biology and pattern of cancer spread. If not correctly addressed, cancers will recur and may affect significantly patients life. Hence excellence in cancer surgery involves a good knowledge of tumor spread and enough skills to cure cancer. KASO is Aiming promoting cancer surgery so that cancer care is delivered all across Kerala. Thus the association is promoting man power generation, knowledge updation and research in cancer surgery. 

The association aims to fulfill these goals by conducting training programs and continue medical az targeting surgeons in training. The association also likes to run campaigns to promote cancer awareness among the public. We also like to guide the public to get the proper surgical treatments for cancers. We are associating with various national and international experts for knowledge exchange and updation of necessary surgical skills. We are associating with various governmental and non governmental organizations who are aiming for the same goals. 

Aims and Objectives of KASO

  • To provide common platform for Surgeons involved in care of cancer patients in the State for coordinating and promoting relationships between them and Surgical Oncologists in the other states.
  • To promote the specialty of Surgical Oncology for the benefit of cancer patients
  • To engage in or promote or aid research and study in the field of Surgical Oncology and form research teams to deal with specific Surgical Oncology questions.
  • To promote, conduct or co-ordinate meetings, seminars, conferences, workshop, lectures etc. for disseminating latest advances in the field of Surgical Oncology.
  • To associate with various National and International bodies in the field of Oncology, to achieve laid down goals of the organization.