History Cancer Care in Kerala  

Dr. Babu Mathew#, Dr.Boben Thomas$*, Dr.TK Padmanabhan# ,Dr Chandramohan K#,

KASO would love to pay a small tribute to our former President, Dr Iqbal Ahamed. Please watch a short video on his last day in Regional Cancer Center, Trivandrum.

Dr Iqbal's last day in RCC

Over the past two decades, there has been a dramatic increase in the interest and application of the minimally invasive approach to the management of cancer.

23 Jul 2019

Stoma Care Nursing

Marking its origin somewhere around 18th century AD, stoma care has traversed many mile stones in its path before reaching the status of ‘true companion’ of patients with stoma. Still stoma surgery and stoma care remains a grey area among the common public.

23 Jul 2019

What is bone cancer?

Bone cancer occurs due to abnormal growth of cells in the bone and it grows out of control. Sometimes cancer can spread from other sites to the bone and this is called bone metastasis and this is not a true bone cancer.

I read this somewhere,

 ”when you hear the name of India, your heart must swell with pride. When you hear the name of Kerala, the blood must throb in your veins.”

As in any other filed medical field also experiences changes day by day, even in the field of surgery in terms of techniques we accept for a better results for our patients and Oncosurgery or Cancer Surgery field is not an exception.

Dr. Thomas Cherian (1940-2014) is one of the first surgical oncologists from State of Kerala, India. A humble human being, dexterous surgeon, untiring worker, and a dynamic personality that was Dr. Thomas Cherian. His vision, hardworking abilities and indomitable spirit were exemplary.

Kaso conducted  it's 4th Clinical Meeting "Soft Tissue Sarcoma; An update"  on 20th November 2016 at Aster MIMS Hospital, Kozhikode.