I read this somewhere,

 ”when you hear the name of India, your heart must swell with pride. When you hear the name of Kerala, the blood must throb in your veins.”

Dream specialization that I was yearning for ,came up for me in the form of Mch Surgical Oncology at RCC Trivandrum giving me opportunity to experience yet another blessed state that Kerala is.

Coming to getting trained at RCC Trivandrum Deptt of Surgical Oncology under the aeges of splendid and marvelous faculty, what could have somebody dreamt of more. The 3 years of Mch SO were full of wholesome experience, getting hands- on various surgeries, getting imbibed into the work culture of Kerala healthcare system where everyone has clarity of role, impeccable discipline in every field.

 My experience of Kerala per se was amazing. Learning new language, enjoying authentic cuisine, spectacular views of beaches and other historic places makes Kerala the most favored state to visit. The literacy rate especially the female literacy rate, the impressive female sex ratio, the friendly work culture, cleanliness are the few amongst many inspiring things that other states must learn from Kerala.

 At RCC, I was blessed to be part of the department from which I learnt how to master my surgical skills and getting experience of so many no. of cases and thousands of patients

              The Kerala especially CC Trivandrum experience is one thing that I will cherish for lifetime.


About the Author: 

Dr Vikram Singh Bopara